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Good day! I am glad to have an opportunity to write a letter to you!
I’m Yoske Yamaguchi( Happiness painterman Yoske)
I live in Toya, Hokkaido, Japan.
I’m active in “telling people about their infinity possibility of art beyond borders and through having fun with painting”
In Japan, I am “a genius painter who quest universe the most in Japan”.
Please refer my profile details attached the end of this letter.


To widen the possibility of activity of the people who relate to art, and to create art connection through showing the people enjoying art beyond borders.

Yoske Yamaguchi
He was born in Wakayama prefecture in 1986.
He lived in Toyako Town,Hokkaido. work to make you smile using pictures.

The Idea

To whip up sensitivity within people all over the world and extend the possibility of art.

The Aim

To make the heart and mind bloom by whipping up sensitivity regarding all living things in order to make
the earth more unique, entertaining and free.

Brief History

Held the first personal exhibition in local area ,Wakayama prefecture.

Joined MAKE THE HEAVEN (NPO) and emigrated to Kagawa prefecture.

Supported earthquake recovery as leading member of the Reconstruction Assistance Activities Organization at Ishinomaki city in Miyagi prefecture.

Retired and made MAKE THE HEAVEN to start a new business.
Held the second personal exhibition in Sapporo.
Held the first knocking about the world project and connected with children of orphanages using pictures in Cambodia.

Appeared on the radio and media in Hokkaido.
Held the third personal exhibition at two places in Hokkaido.
Held the second knocking about the world project in the Philippines and had a live event at AbreezaMall with children of TUBURANSCHOOL.

Opened the first school, ARTFARM which
educates sensitivity.

Make a CCMHA (Cambodia’s Children Make the heaven Association) musical keyvisual
Appeared on the HBC radio
Inspect Green school in Bari,Indonesia
Opened ART FARM second term(teaching art) in a primary school

Hold the fourth personal exhibition in TOYA musiam from July to August